Incredible Wohnzimmer Englisch Britisch 2022

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Incredible Wohnzimmer Englisch Britisch 2022. Brush the dust off in the lounge Wohnzimmer {n} [salon] drawing roomrealest.

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plumsykesenglishcountryhousevogue004 English living rooms from

Last post 24 jul 06, 11:24. Beliebt ist auch eine recamiere. To furnish a cozy living room (or:

Lounge / Laʊndʒ / Noun.

Zur aufbewahrung dienen sideboards, bücherschränke und der traditionelle sekretär. Vom wohnzimmer aus blickt man in den garten. Substantive des neutralen geschlechts (zimmer, buch).

A Lot Of Sunlight Comes Through The Window.

Das wohnzimmer hat zugang zur hauptterrasse. Room in a private house. Translation of wohnzimmer in english.

A Thin Bed Cloth Used As A Covering For A Mattress Or As A Layer Over The Sleeper.

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A Rod Bent Into A Curved Shape, Typically With One End Free And The Other End Secured To The Wall Or A Door, To Hang Up Clothes.

Sitting room / ˈsɪtɪŋ ˌrʊm / noun. The living room of a house, or. Please leave your shoes next to the door.

Last Post 24 Jul 06, 11:24.

Lounge room) wohnzimmer nn nomen, sächlich, neutrum: The sitting room has access to the main terrace. We hang our coats in the closet.

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